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You = jupiter in 11th

Potential romance = mercury in 12th

Part of desire = libra @ 6,2" - venus.

Jupiter is posited in the turned 5th from the 7th indicating a romantic encounter. This is clarified more so, as in the 7th house we have sun posited on the fixed star of new beginnings, but then also we have mars which will be moving into its fall in cancer.

The suns interesting here being in the 7th and being lord of your 9th and also trines yourself (jupiter) , as this could have been showing a new beginning with someone that happens whilst you are travelling, out of the country,on a vacation etc. But as the sun receives you by by detriment, i'm seeing this as something you are hoping (you in your 11th) to happen, but it doesn't look good that it does go the way you would have liked it to. You will then be feeling quite helpless and frustrated about things.

The sun is also in an elevated degree here also, so things may look good in regards to something happening with someone, but i just don't think it would be amounting to much.

Unfortunately also saturn in the 1st is bringing delays and restrictions for you in this area and is also retrograding towards your Asc (-)

The root of your problem (neptune in 4th) with finding love is that your not clear on whats going on, or why things are taking so long, you feel like you've done what you need to do in regards to yourself and your now just unsure as to whats going on or not going on in this area.....infact with neptune being here are you even sure of what your looking or hoping for ? Maybe even reading too much into something and thinking something its not.

Mars moving into its fall and ruling your 5th, would be another negative testimony that things would not be running so smoothly on the romance front.

Moon just left NN (-)

Moons flowing to jupiter and jupiter's retrograding towards the moon (+)

Moon flows towards SN in your 5th (romance) from 11th (hoping for) house your in. (-)

Going on the POD, you (jupiter) flows towards this, and the significator of POD is venus in detriment, so this will not bring a positive connection. This looks like your more interested in him than he is in you.

All in all there will be someone to meet whilst you are travelling or something like this,but i don't see it will turn out into anything positive, and i have a feelings its just to do with the clash in personalities that disables things to carry on between you both.
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