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I learnt German Traditional first and French at the same time. Anchor was my work card in the German and Fox in the French.

As for "Others" - Rider in the French system was for a "new potential partner" and"Snake" as "the other woman/rival" only mostly in the German system really. Maybe Rider for both as that is not a card that differs in systems.

Andy is more German except for the use of Moon which is more Belgium I feel. But he is most definitely traditional. Not many cards differ per system though and I reckon the Belgium is a cross between the German and French.

Be good to see what he offers for "advanced" course work.


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Well I learned the German system (Anne Biwder, Iris Treppner) and found nothing in Andy that contradicted it. I'm interested in this course, too. I still feel like a beginner with Lenormand.

And for me, Anchor is the work card.... ;-)
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