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Originally Posted by Vejl View Post
Hello again
We put the emphasis on: 'if he wants', but the correct question should be: 'if we will reunite' I would also add time frame, lets say within 6 months. It just came to me today, i was not really clear with myself i guess.
That if you agree, of course, and if willing to have a look again.

Many thanks in advance.

Its a late asc now so things are out of your hands, your venus detrimented, feeling helpless and hurt about things. And mars is flowing away from you ready to move into its fall in cancer, so things will then become worse between you and M.

There is a sextile coming up between you both, this must be when you end up speaking, but mercury coming up to algol shows the talk you have will be upsetting. So then this will change things for the worse.

So i don't see you getting back together from this chart No.
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