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Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
Hi runewynd,

If you want to discuss the hows and whys of using tarot for magic(k) that discussion would need to occur in the Talking Tarot forum. Although you could start a separate thread in Tarot Decks for which decks work best for use with magic(k).

rwcarter, Moderator of Tarot Books & Media

Yes!! And I will join you there too runewynd - as I love Tarot + Magick! - and use it.
(have several designated "Magick" decks).
Talking Tarot has a "Threads on Magick and Ritual" section.
(plus already a thread somewhere on what decks to use - but it's quite old now...
hmm may be listed under "Threads on Magick and Ritual"... will have to check later...)

...dang it! Another Tarot book to buy... (on Magick no less). Presently I'm resisting it... hmm...

(P.S. - I didn't call my cat "You" - and I'm still working on being the scariest thing in the forest. re:Granny Weatherwax from Terry Pratchett novels.)
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