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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
Question: Will Aj be more happier moving into another house.

Aj i'm going to keep this quite simple....

Querent = Venus

House in now = Saturn

New house = Mars

Using the magic 8 ball method would be a No (-)
Sorry I made you pull your hair out, but I learned something new, had no idea about horary. I agree on the top of my brain with a no. I don't want to clean the house that much. Out of curiosity, I decided to pull a card, the Elemental Tarot was the first deck at hand. I drew Aeon which I'd say is me going in circles, need more objectivity, certainly a vote for no in my book at this time

POF is placed in your 4th house where you live now, this is showing that you are very lucky to have this house, and id say it would be worth quite a bit too, from either work you've done to it or how it was when you bought it.
lucky compared to millions in this crazy world, and I know it. Leaving I always say Thank you house, and coming back home I always say Hello, House to honor that luck.

Saturn (house now) opposition with mars (new potential house) shows that uncertainty and push and pull feeling of wanting to stay or move.
I pulled Father of Air and see lots of talk going on and no action. What catches my eye is those two figures tumbling...we are going to finish the last six of new windows. A vote for holding, who knows the housing market may eventually come around to a seller market rather than a buyers market as it is now.

The new house (mars) when moves into cancer will be in its fall, so id say that moving somewhere else will be nothing like the house you are in now and you'd regret it.
Well it certainly will be nothing like the one we are in. We have an A-frame and I can't begin to tell you how many ways no straight walls can impact living in a home.

You (venus) are placed in your new home turned 4th, but your not feeling to great about it as your detrimented so you'll feel like its not the right place for you, and you won't be happy there.

So even though you are having doubts about where you are, id say you'd be much happier staying in the house your in now.
My last draw is Daughter of Earth, and look at those high fives going on! Sharla, I think we've reached an accord, thank you very much for taking the time to do my very first horary. Sharyn/AJ
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