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Originally Posted by pacificwaters View Post
If you are accepting takers, here's my question

Should I continue my focus on astrology (or stick to Tarot)?

You = venus

Astrology = mercury

Tarot = Saturn

LOR = 13,22" Scorpio = mars

Your in the face and fall of saturn (tarot ) and in the 11th part (saturn) so your more into the Tarot side of things, Venus is detrimented by sign at present so you are probably feel like you are struggling with your readings and in how they may or may not manifest....struggling to understand what they are saying to you etc. But venus is going to be stronger in the next sign, so your confidence and success with tarot will grow as you move along further. (+2)

Mars in the 9th is the push and pull feeling your having in if you should carry on with astrology or leave it for now and study more with tarot.

Mercury (astrology) is also weak and cadent being in its turned 12th and is moving away from yourself venus. Your moving towards mercury and away from saturn, so you are at present thinking your more wanting to do astrology.

Using the LOR (the right thing for you to do) significator = mars.

Mars in (astrology house) is nearly ready to move into its fall (-) and flows away from you (venus) (-)
Saturn (tarot signif) is stronger by house than mercury and retrogrades back towards the LOR @ 13' 22" Scorpio and also jupiter the natural ruler of 9th and the moon are moving towards eachother (+2)
Mars flows away from mercury

Moon flows away from mercury and towards Saturn. (+)

Answer = Stay with Tarot, even though you have already been studying say down the line you wont feel like its really for you.
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