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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
Hmmm not too sure about this question celticnoodle.

We could maybe focus on this area but change the question ?

The question needs to be really clear cut.

Get a magnifying glass and really zoom in to a very specific question regarding this (if you want to keep this same question) you really need to get to the root of it, and then your answer will be much clearer.
okay, clear cut. T.Y. for explaining, as I've never had this done before and wasn't sure what type of questions. I'm going to go off in a very different angle then.

Can you tell me if "C" and I will ever be friends again? I hope this is good. I hope this works and will check again in the morning. headed back to bed in a few minutes. T.Y. for this--I look forward to see how this works. If you need more information on "C" and myself, I can provide that as well.
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