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Bacon waffles chart.

How will your Tarot business go this year....

Querent = Saturn

Business = Venus

Money from business = mars

Saturn is in a trine with venus (business) but is debilitated in the 12th house (restrictions) so think of this as you being in a box. There's restrictions here i you being able to get any further with your business in terms of expansion.

Jupiter is posited in the business 10th house, jupiter is the planet that expands things but jupiter is also square with pluto at the same time, so even though you want to be able to expand your business, pluto is not allowing this to happen.

Pluto is also the ruler of mars (money from business) so it looks to be this than your having problems with in order to be able to expand things.

Moon is also square with mars (money) which is not a good thing, and moon and mars are also at critical degrees, more so the moon. Mars is also more or less on the pitted degree 29 gemini which is in this instance about diminishing fortune. When mars moves into cancer it will be in its triplicity, term and fall, fall being the worst in regards to dignity's, so it doesn't look like money generated from this business is going to be positive, you are going to struggle in this area.

So no matter how much work you put into this business and expand things (jupiter) in this area, you're not going to be generating enough money from it. Especially in regards to how much work you will be putting into this, you will be very much undervalued.

SN is in your personal money house this is where the problem is this is what spoils things for you. So as this is "your own" money then i don't see that your own money you have is enough to keep you afloat whilst your doing this business, you need to be making something good from it too.

In the 4th house we have venus (lord of 10th) and venus is aspecting to a conjunction with uranus (unexpected changes) are on their way.

Also venus (business) will conjunct uranus (something changes)and then she will sextile mars (money) Pluto being in your 1st house and squaring uranus looks to be the cause of this change/s uranus will bring.

Pluto can be about ripping something apart that doesn't need to be there anymore, its about enabling you to let go of things that aren't working, and this will then bring change and allow change (uranus + pluto ) its also about when we are wanting things to become a certain way....this then can makes things very challenging for its about not getting caught up in the outcome of things of what you want them to be like.

I'm not too sure on when these events will play themselves out...but i did ask for the rest of this year, so i expect this will be happening in the next 6 months.
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