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Help finding

Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Where will you get the images you want to use ? You may need to explore permissions - I have no idea who owns them; the extant cards are in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt, and you might need to ask them to be able to use them. notes that the pips are from the Vigil Solis. Also:

I don't think the Geoffroy deck has been reprinted. (I note that you asked in another thread.) Someone who specialises in historical decks is the best person to ask - Yves Le Marseillais, for instance. http://tarot-de-marseille-heritage.c...ish/index.html

Thank you I went ahead and contacted them. I don't need permission because the image, are in public domain. I've checked. I am just looking for software designed to make cards.
Or, even software created for photos or something that works to print cards. Also, this deck is just for me.

Thank you for you response,

Mateo Gómez

Can I post the webpages where I got the pictures in the first place. Its in public domain. Idk if you watch youtube but there's a channel on there who accomplished what I am trying to do.
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