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Originally Posted by WaterSong View Post
I suspected that Sam,yes.
I have extended my hand to the ex, we are sort in friendly terms.

Judgment : I often see in this card the need to communicate something, the angel's trumpet always gets my attention...I think TB would feel the need to communicate with you but also I think they would feel the *call*, the pull they feel for you.They could not ignore it easily.

Q: What would be the best approach I could have toward moving things forward with A...should I say something , as in being proactive, or should I wait ?( I stole your question Sam)
Ok, trying to gauge this card and the QU. We don't normally (!) hasten death intentionally's a natural process which happens whether we do anything or not. In which case I think you need to allow *nature* (A's nature) and *time and tide* to take their own course ....change is coming for you, but it seems as though the transformation will occur at its own pace.

QU: Why does TB feel a pull towards me , what is it based upon ?
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