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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post

I've done a 6 months prediction from when you put it up for sale in the fall.

Querent = Venus

House = Saturn

Moon flows towards Jupiter, jupiter is ruler of the turned 12th that saturn is posited in. Jupiter can be about things in excess and as jupiter rules the 12th here than there would be an excess of something which could be what your selling it for, but also 12th can also mean large animals, so do you also have animals on your farmhouse ?
No, we never had any animals, though there is a very large chicken coop (we use to store our lawn furniture in) and a 3 level HUGE barn with 4 stalls for large animals. (We only use a portion of the barn).

Saturn (house) is posited in its 12th house, so this could be to do with large cattle. But regardless this house is not a good house anyway as saturn is debilitated here and is in the duodenary of venus so this would be to do with its value.
somewhat correct. it is a fixer upper. It was listed as in "pefect shape" when we purchased it, but it was sadly very wrong. We put a lot of work into it--new walls in some of the rooms, new floors, new siding and insulation, where there was none previously. We also put a new metal roof on the home, barn and chicken coop about 5 yrs ago and they are guaranteed for 50yrs--and we put in a new well, water softener and purifier, new insulated windows, (over 20 of them! ), new kitchen and bathrooms- and some more misc. things. We know we will never get the money back out and we're not going to even try to do that. We just want to sell it and move forward. I'm hoping we can get the purchase price we payed for it and I'd be happy.

The price of the house 2nd from 4th (5th) has POF and SN inside it, so id say that the price you are going to be wanting to sell your farm house at could be too high a price.
*sigh* I'm sad to see this, as we are already planning to let it go for less then what we payed AND put into the place. But houses do tend to sit in our town for ever, because it is way out in the middle of no-where.

Posited inside the 7th house we have venus conjunct uranus, so this could be a female (but not necessarily) who out of the blue is interested.

Venus also rules the next house (buyers money) and as mercury is in this house at a pitted degree then the buyer won't be able to pay the price asked for, they either don't have enough money themselves or this just don't want to pay the price.

The 7th house (the potential buyer/s) is ruled by mars, mars is in a separating opposition with saturn (house) mars is also at a 29 critical degree and also in the pits of the sign, this means that the buyer wouldnt be willing to pay the asking price for the house and would then backout.

Mars being in the 9th could be the buyer is someone who lives quite far from you, but also the moon flows away from mars which would be a (-)

As moon flows towards saturn id see this as the house sticking with you within the 6months from putting it on the market. Saturn also symbolizes cheapness and low value, so you will get asked to see if you'll sell at a lower price from this potential buyer/s.

This is then is up to you if your willing to go down to the amount they offer or not.

Magic 8 ball would also = No.
*sigh* this is really what I expected to hear and expect to happen. Hub lives in a dream world and I tried to tell him when we bought this place back in 2006. It was a fixer upper and still needs work done--mostly little things, cosmetic, tbh, as we've done everything else. He is thinking of renting it, but I want no part of that--as we rented a home we owned once before and it was not a totally great experience!

Thank you very much for your reading. I think I'm going to have to work on visualization to get this house sold!
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