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Undersea Tarot arrived, but I'm not happy :(

Originally Posted by BeyondtheVeil View Post
I have the UnderSea Tarot coming to me! I hope it helps my missing the beach days! lol

Well that horrible deck arrived! It is nothing beautiful and relaxing about the "beach/ocean" that I thought. It shows a mermaid with both breasts and a man's part clearly shown on back of the box. This can't be laid out in front of anyone. If they had shown that in the description I would have passed. It wasn't even put in the description.

I just started a return simply on the card shown on back of the box. I can't imagine what the cards look like 'in' the box.

Just wanting an adorable beach/ocean themed tarot deck to enjoy for missing beach days.

Oh well... I still have my Prisma Visions Third Edition Tarot Deck heading my way!

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