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Originally Posted by LadyKathryn View Post
TPBM: heirophant rx

Don't worry so much about the rules and sociatal rules. March has to your own drum- allow yourself flexibility, so you don't feel so restricted and out of control.
I think that when it is called for, one should explore beyond the boundaries of theoretic knowledge, dogma, and the conventional and listen to what truly beats in his heart, for when he has found his truth and in the process, comes to discern who he truly is, only then can one truly accomplish things he has never even dreamed of.

I'm a true-blue conservative, and I always believe that one must have a solid, erudite tho practical grasp of the foundations before one can adapt it to his own, but thank you so much for this.


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You have a lot of stuff lined up in your to-do list. Don't be discouraged - just line up your priorities, focus on one item at a time, give it your best and execute. Little by little does the trick, and by the time everything's over, you'll be surprised at how much you've come to accomplish. You can do it!
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