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Original RWS

2 of Pentacles

You have a lot of stuff lined up in your to-do list. Don't be discouraged - just line up your priorities, focus on one item at a time, give it your best and execute. Little by little does the trick, and by the time everything's over, you'll be surprised at how much you've come to accomplish. You can do it!
Aye, I can relate to the feeling. I like to do everything at once, which is of course impossible and multitasking never worked for me.

TPBM: 8 of Wands

Ahoy matey! Relax, you're almost there! The work is almost done, now you need to proceed in the same swift pace without wasting time on tiring thoughts. Success comes from working diligently towards the end, without counting your blessings or celebrating the outcome before you're finally there.
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