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It may not go ahead!

Hi Guys,
I will firstly say that I have this information directly from Poppy Palin herself. I hope that it is ok for me to post this information on the forum. I have no interest in this project financially, I am a collector & reader & would love to have a copy of this deck.

It would appear that Schiffer are not definitely publishing The Everyday Enchantment Tarot. If you want it to be published could you please message Schiffer & tell them.
How it stands is - they have the copyright to the deck but don't want to produce a lengthy book because they don't think people will want to pay extra for it. Anyone who has the book that accompanies the Waking the Wild Spirit deck will know how well Poppy Palin writes. She has cut the book down by half to accommodate their requests but they still want it to be reduced further & she can't do it without losing so much meaning & explanation. Unless she edits the book to within an inch of its life - the deck will not be published.
I don't know how much notice Schiffer will take but Poppy deserves to have her deck published & cannot do it herself.
If you would like this deck to be published please get behind it.
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