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Originally Posted by LadyKathryn View Post
Not sure if this relates to my current situation. I was told it's over. Trying not to think about it much to. Be honest. I don't have any projects going on at the moment. Guess I need to keep on keepin on and see what's coming.

TPBM: 7 of swords rx: it's time to make. New changes and new directions in your life. You can let go of old hurts. I also see this card as a call to open up and allow yourself to be a bit more vulnerable with those close to you.
This definitely applies to me. Opening up is hard for me. I can acknowledge I should, but it's so hard for me to let go of the past trauma. It happened too recently.

TPBM: Page of Pentacles

You've got a lot of big dreams and great ideas that are floating around in your head. You're coming upon the chance for you to make all of those things a reality; you're gonna have to act and put things into motion. This is a good chance for you to channel your enthusiasm into manifesting something tangible.
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