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TPBM: The World

It's been a tough journey, but you've made it through a longstanding project or experience in which you have invested so much. You've started to see things more clearly than ever before after working on the minutia for so long, and now, you can finally put all that you've gained and more into practical use. You have so much to give your community, and now's a good time to do so. Don't be surprised if this engagement with others leads you to embark on a new journey soon!
Looks splendid - I just wrote my letter of dismissal.

TPBM: Hermit
Look back to what you've left behind. Put all this into calculation. Think a bit more deeply, detach yourself from all emotions and take a moment to become aware of what you've accomplished so far.
You're a lot wiser now even though you might not know just how much you really know.
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