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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
"She is what you have in towards great union of development. She will be yours only if you wish.

Can't unsure herself can she, why friday. ONly yourself will not come accept right now.

People will turn against me if i say who i am.

Be him and you will know...good will come to you that's my suggestion.

Even if you don't return the favor, him and yourself........

Shyan (?) is involving herself...keep out! dont know this.

Forget about me.

Clair ability you have but don't know, of its what you see but don't hear.

See me, come closer...when im with you i feel you, your fine as you are.

Great things are ahead of you, if only you knew it....but you don't.

I can tell you are sublime to msgs, if not adjust....or will not manifest.

I think you are a fairy in the light of day, and a dragon in the dark of turn your way.

Popular SC not for me.
Hi Sharla... thanks for this. I have tried to figure out what it all means, but I really can't. I am not sure whose voice this is. I guess it's one of my guides, but I can't work out what they are trying to tell me for sure. I guess it's the occasion where I am just not supposed to know. I also sense here that it's telling me to put myself in his (SC) position, which I have. It's also pointing to my higher abilities with Tarot and perhaps a level of psychic abilities, but I am not sure what will not manifest.

The last sentence is sort of sad.. perhaps pointing to his 'popular' choice and that yes indeed, it excluded me. I was hoping to perhaps know is something else would come out of all this.

Thank you so much for the effort. I will have to sit with this longer and perhaps things will become clearer in time. I will let you know.

A xx
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