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Originally Posted by zhadee View Post
Looks splendid - I just wrote my letter of dismissal.

TPBM: Hermit
Look back to what you've left behind. Put all this into calculation. Think a bit more deeply, detach yourself from all emotions and take a moment to become aware of what you've accomplished so far.
You're a lot wiser now even though you might not know just how much you really know.
Oh thank you very much.. for all those crazy times. I think it is a matter of time that I get boiled up with humans. Sucky ones, I mean. I just saw how much of an idiot most people around me are. I hope I am not one of them

TPBM - ten of wands (oppression) / Six of cups (pleasure) rx

You just.... really, really, really, really, need a break. Things at your side, especially work, are getting too stressful. Even your time of leisure is being eaten up by all those obligations that you need to fulfill. Eg, having a party that you have to go at a time where you are supposed to have a holiday!
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