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Originally Posted by IndigoViolet View Post
Oh thank you very much.. for all those crazy times. I think it is a matter of time that I get boiled up with humans. Sucky ones, I mean. I just saw how much of an idiot most people around me are. I hope I am not one of them

TPBM - ten of wands (oppression) / Six of cups (pleasure) rx

You just.... really, really, really, really, need a break. Things at your side, especially work, are getting too stressful. Even your time of leisure is being eaten up by all those obligations that you need to fulfill. Eg, having a party that you have to go at a time where you are supposed to have a holiday!
Very true (I accidentally opened this one, but it is so very much spot on and I'm willing to accept another oracle)!
Thank heavens, holiday is about to start... only one more day to go!! Yay!

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You may have to choose your battles wiser. Do not attack an unarmed man, and be very cautious whom to confront with whatever unpleasant, well-justified or ill-balanced idea.
Just don't jump to conclusions when you're in haste. Relax, take a break and count backwards from 10 to Zero before saying that toxic, waspish word that comes to readily to mind.
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