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I've been bitten..... the Tarot Bug! I have purchased 5 new decks in two days! FIVE!

I haven't purchased a lot of tarot decks in recent years, but I can honestly say that I haven't bought FIVE decks so quickly. I know it isn't unheard of, but I like to give each one their own little time for us to 'bond" or for me to decide they need a new home. I just keep seeing new decks that I just have to have! I need an intervention..

Have any of you guys been bitten by the Tarot Bug lately? What have you been drawn to buy?

I have to say that I did go through a phase of buying a lot of zip tarot bags for my decks. I mean... A LOT! lol My decks now all have their own lovely silky zip top bags!

My Tarot Bug this time helped me snag some adorable decks!

I bought Prisma Visions Third Edition Tarot Deck. Then found Tarot of Pirates and Impressionist Tarot decks.

I was perfectly happy with my deck purchases, but then came across 78 Tarot on etsy. Now I have placed an order for the gorgeous and unique 78 Tarot Nautical. It is so adorable and I hope that I can connect with it.

I have seen it posted by others as Tarot of Water but not sure if it is the same deck or not.

At any rate, I am super happy and excited about my new decks coming!!

I get the first two to arrive tomorrow! Yay! They will be the Tarot of Pirates and Impressionist Tarot decks. I hope that they are great talkers to me!

Brightest Blessings!
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