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Originally Posted by Birdsman72 View Post
Can anyone suggest some good books for someone only just beginning to study astrology? I've been digging around on various websites and Amazon, looking for books and it's overwhelming. I don't even know where to begin! I'm mostly interested in learning about romantic relationships, etc. Thanks in advance!
You are right, the choice is overwhelming to the beginner. We do have a thread


Which divides books and other resources into beginners, intermediate and some advanced resources. One thing that makes life complicated is that the current orthodoxy of using Astrology for character assessment and psychological purposes has come under significant challenge over the last twenty years, with a growing interest in predictive work, and the return to some traditional approaches. So given your predelicition for romantic relationships, there are one or two that you might consider.

The Astrology of Human Relationships also by Sakoian & Acker.
if you have the natal details of your intended you can look for books on synastry (comparing the charts of two people, usually for romantic relationships) and some of the free software will allow you to construct the necessary chart.

However, I'd advise you to start learning about casting and reading a chart first before progressing to synastry.
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