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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I read a book by Kara Janssen (Kindle Unlimited) about the baraja. It's very tarot-oriented, reminds me very much of Hexe Claire's German Skat cards video course. I'll check out your sources because I'm not sure transferring tarot meanings is the right way to go. Actually, I'm pretty sure it is not, at least that's not what I want to do with playing cards.

I'm glad I wrote that down because it was not so clear to me before.

Oh, and I'll see whether Yoav's method works. I think it will. (I don't have Enriquez' book)
Oh yeah, Yoav's method fits nicely with playing cards. Really, every one has their way of approaching cartomancy and some people like putting tarot meanings with playings cards and pips, that's good of it works for the individual. In my opinion, like Enrique has mentioned and in my loose words, it just adds layers of information to something that is clear and precise when we just learn to look at the cards. Inherent to cartomancy is a very close to nature and clear approach to reading that almost seems banal in its simplicity. So much so that many people disqualify this approach and feel the need to add esoterica. I would say try it out, practice Yoav's method and practice looking at the cards, how they speak and interact. It is very lively.
I also recommend these sites: (Camelia Elias has a trove of great info here) (this is mine and I do talk about these things😀 in depth)
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