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Astral Traveling, Anyone?

This thread was started after GotH and I shared some Astral Traveling experiences in Holmes' thread on manifesting things here:

In this thread, I invite everyone to share their astral traveling experiences, how you do them, any experiences you've had with astral traveling. Anything at all about it! Please-SHARE!

Below is the astral traveling experience that I shared with GotH--and I'll allow her to re-post her experience. This is just one of my astral traveling experiences, but one of the special ones in my memory.

************************************************** **************************

I traveled to my daughters house that is almost 700 miles west of us. I showed up inside her entry way and I could see her and her husband sitting on the couch in their living room, watching a movie and laughing and having a great time.

Their two dogs were with them, Cash-the black lab and Coe-the chocolate lab. Both of them SAW ME! They were also laying on the couch--(it was one of those sectionals, with a huge box at it too--to put your feet on or lay on) and the dogs perked up and barked "hello!" to me, recognizing me. My dau told htem to be quiet there was no-one there. The dogs kept looking from them to me and jumped off the couch running to me, barking hello and wagging their tails - so excited to see Nana! they kept running back to tell the kids, "But, NANA is here!!!" and were so confused because the kids just kept sitting on the couch watching tv--and my daughter finally threw a couch pillow towards them and told them to shut up.

The poor dogs were so confused.

The next day, I c. the kids and told them what I experienced and they were awe struck because all of that DID indeed happen the night before.

So, its very interesting that dogs (and I imagine other animals too) can SEE us when we astral travel!

interesting, isn't it?
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