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Great thread idea!

Okay, so I don't exactly know if I was astral traveling or not because I don't really have that awake experience with it. I have felt that I've done some traveling during dreams but isn't that normal? Anyway, here is my experience in the dream..

So.. In the dream I find myself in what felt like a "fairly spacious" house, not tiny, although I was only in one part of it. It did not feel like it was an old house and I felt like it was rather tall. I remember looking out and seeing the water line about 20 ft from the back porch? The water seemed wavy and deep. I turn around from the view to enter the home and began to crawl inside. (???) Seeing the water then turning to enter the house is when I knew I was on your property. I noticed that the doorway was extremely narrow and I barely fit through. I did feel that your energy was present even though I couldn't see you and it seemed that the narrowness of the entryway was a normal thing for you. Kind of like, "Yeah, it's this way but this is my house and I love it." Then the dream abruptly ends.

If there were more details to this dream, I have already forgotten them unfortunately. I really need to keep a journal next to my bed to record dreams.

Is there anyway to know when you are AT vs just dreaming?
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