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TPBM: 5 of Swords rx
You may have to choose your battles wiser. Do not attack an unarmed man, and be very cautious whom to confront with whatever unpleasant, well-justified or ill-balanced idea.
Just don't jump to conclusions when you're in haste. Relax, take a break and count backwards from 10 to Zero before saying that toxic, waspish word that comes to readily to mind.[/FONT]
FB: It didn't apply to me at first but then it hit me back like a boomerang 😂 I know what this is talking about! Good job!

TPBM got The Fool
I immediately am attracted to the faceless Fool here. If you feel that you haven't gotten your due credit, make sure to raise your concern in this. You have put all of yourself in this effort to the point that maybe people walk all over you, but you're no Fool. This is one of the times where it's safe and encouraged to seek recognition to your hard work.
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