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Originally Posted by JoLister View Post
I had a response from Schiffer saying that they are working with Poppy to create a product that will honour her beautiful writing. Anyone else had a response?
Yes I also had a response, same day I sent my message to them. They were telling me that "the Everyday Enchantment Tarot project is currently in the pipeline for Schiffer's spring 2018 catalogue"
English is not my first language and I can miss detailed precisions, but I think that means that the project is seriously considered, though nothing is definitively decided, isn't it ?
Sounds good I guess.

Originally Posted by JoLister View Post
From Poppy -
I have just had confirmation form Schiffer that they are going ahead. Phew, it is SUCH a relief! Not sure how they are going to get around the book being too big...maybe the type will be so minuscule it can't be read? Who knows! I am so very grateful to you for your support - THANK YOU - and for the kindness of all the Aeclectic folk. Can you give them my love and say how much it means to me to have their confidence in my work - to know what i do is valued is so precious to me. Please know that I am deeply grateful.

Excellent news!
That is excellent news and I am very happy for Poppy ! And also for ourselves and for Schiffer too
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