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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post

You = Sun

A = Saturn

A is posited in their 11th house and your posited in your 11th house, this is very apt as it shows the online interaction you are both having with each other at present.

You are interestingly also posited in each others 5th house which is about romance, so there is some sort of connective energy going on between you and A at present.

Saturn is also posited in your Triplicity, so A does have quite a bit of interest in you at present, she feels that you and her are quite compatible, she's feeling good about the interaction.

Sun and Saturn will be opposing each other in 8 degrees though, and this looks like this may be the end of things, as also we have SN in the 7th which is not positive for a relationship forming. (-)

Moon flows towards SN (-) Moon flows towards Saturn (+) Saturn flows towards sun (+)

So we have neutral testimony here where things will go well for a little while longer, but as for it turning into anything more serious it won't.

It does look like there may be some sort of disagreement of sorts coming up, as Sun (yourself) is approaching the Bulls southern horn fixed star/s which brings with it a mars nature. So something is coming up that then will cause this opposition between you and A which i see of you then both going your seperate ways.
Hmm, so at the moment things are positive and we are talking which is good to hear however as you said that things are set to not go anywhere. (Is there any reason for this?? Something from her end or have i done something wrong?)

As you stated we do have similar interests as it seems however i am not waiting for her to respond however she only responds when she feels like it which can be a little irritating as you can imagine. As for us opposing each other, any idea why this may occur? Any reasons or hints behind this happening?

That's a real shame to hear that you see us going our separate ways, as it seemed to me like there was going to be a positive out come with this one.

Does knowing our Star Signs change anything btw?
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