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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
It just seems like some communication difficulties that will be arising, and going on your starsigns then she could be a little suspicious of you, as Scorpios do have trust issues and this then bring doubts.

Compatibility on an intellectual level things look good for now, but its for this to form into anything more serious from this that unfortunately won't be happening.

Do some research on Scorpio females and you could maybe then work out where you could be going wrong.
I could definitely see that since she stated that it takes her a couple of days to reply and here last message to me was Saturday. I don't really know what to do. She stated that it sometimes takes her a couple of days to respond and I asked on Sunday if everything is ok. (Last message I sent.) Now I don't know if it's worth just waiting or sending another message since it's now Wednesday.

Well I see that intellectually we match, since what we've gathered so far we have similar view points on things but it is irritating this waiting thing. As the longer it goes the more i want to ask what's going on. As the silence really isn't helpful but a part of me tells me if i ask or send another message she won't be very happy.
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