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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
No you get along fine, but its now dependent on the rest that comes into getting to know someone, which won't in your case be positive.

But you need to think that if your purposely holding back from contacting her just so as not to upset her, then is she really what you want anyway. If you want to speak to someone you should be able to do this when you wish regardless.

Remember in the chart reading when i said your coming up to a fixed star....this is when the opposition happens. So you will end up msging her at some point....its written in the stars <pun intended>.
Ahh that makes sense and yes I understand what you mean, it should be a two way street. Rather than I talk to you when I want. That's not cool or respectful.

Yes I think that's true 😂 I will probably message her before she messages me because I don understand the silence and think it's a bit rude. (I get being busy etc but don't leave me on the hook!) unless I decide not too, then I wonder how it'll change things ah
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