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You = Sun

Potential partner = Saturn

You and saturn are both in yours and theirs 11th and 5th houses, so this looks like there will be some online communication going on with someone which could be moving towards somewhat of a romantic nature.

As Saturn is in Sagittarius then he could be foreign, from another country or just lives further from you in another City

SN is in the 7th, so i don't really see this going anywhere relationship wise and also there is an opposition coming up between sun and saturn which would be your parting of ways.

It looks like it would be more of a "we get along as friends" but it wouldn't develop into anything very much more romantic.

The moon your co significator is in trine with Saturn so there will be a time of confusion, doubts and just really not seeing things as they are, so you could be expecting more and thinking its more when really it isn't.

You (sun) are also in a pitted degree, so this blocks you in a sense...sort of picture yourself in a ditch or even a swamp, it doesn't allow you to feel so good about things.

Using the Part of desire, this is posited @8, 25" Libra - significator - venus.

Both sun and saturn flow away from this parts significator venus. Which further clarifys that things won't end well on the romantic front.
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