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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
Welp, the shopping bug can be quite relentless, BeyondTheVeil. And just when you think you've already recovered from one, in comes an even more formidable specimen homing right unto your vulnerable skin. Especially as you traipse along the magnificent gardens of these forums, you never know when a bug would bite you.
That is so true, EmpyreanKnight! I was looking in the Decks section and G6 is talking about Tarot in Tins. Now I am thinking I want a Tarot in a Tin I need to stop!

Maybe I will find some decks to sell or trade away? Or even find one for the give a way thread? Maybe then it wouldn't be so bad? LOL

That darn bug! I had been so happy with my collection and then I saw the Prisma Visions Tarot and now it has opened up so many new doors. The Impressionist Tarot is gorgeous and I just love looking at the photos. lol

Tarot of the Pirates is not usually my style, but it just called to me. It is a neat deck and I honestly can see giving good readings with it.

I just purchased the 78 Tarot Nautical or Tarot of Water and while I was checking to see if my deck had shipped... I almost ordered the Tarot of Carnival Why oh why are these decks so gorgeous and call my name?? I really don't have the money for them so this one is just going to have to wait. lol It is truly strange for me to want so many tarot decks. I am not a collector and usually read with them or sell/trade/give them away.

Oh... I hope the Tarot Bug goes away soon! Does anyone want to take this from me? Anyone? lol There are so awesome decks waiting to be purchased! It would help me out if there were some SOLD OUT things so I can't buy any more. lol I probably should join the denabling thread! lol

Thanks for letting me ramble love!!

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