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Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
I have the Tarot of Pirates and I love it. It's so much fun. I think you'll like it. I read with it and, for me, it's easy to read and gives lots of new visual cues for each card. I haven't seen the Impressionist deck, though.
It is an adorable and very readable deck, isn't it? I really like it also and think that it will be one of my reading decks. I was wanting something neat to add to reading in public/events that would grab attention. I am not sure I like the thin/fragile feel of the cards, but I could always laminate them if I think they are in danger of getting damaged. I am careful with my decks, but if they are used a lot I wonder how they will hold up.

How long have you had your copy of Tarot of the Pirates? Do you think I should laminate them or do you think they are okay? I have different card stock on my cards so when some are thin I get a bit worried. lol I have Everyday Witch Tarot which has thin cardstock also. It is holding up very well.. better than I honestly thought it would. I don't bend them when I shuffle {like playing cards] but shuffle pretty easily. If not doing reversals I don't usually do that to decks anyway.

Sorry for the

Thanks for chiming in love!

Here is a link to the Impressionist Tarot
I'm sure that you already seen that, but it is so cool!

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