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Weird hand fastening dream

Saskia has a thread about marriage so this might be ok too:

The dream was me sitting at kitchen table with an old friend, and his mother fastening our hands together with cloth. It is weird. The mother would never be ok with an eastern style marriage. This guy, while dear to me, was not a boyfriend of mine. We were close and we had a lot of good times together & we did have feelings for one another I think but we were not in a relationship. The dream was very clear.
Then, An aunt or someone was talking with me about it. I was telling her how we had been close to being in a serious relationship and how glad i am he is not married. Then remembering, I said 'yes, he is, he got married about ten years ago!'

I woke up. It was a nice feeling dream even so.

Could this dream be that his mother wanted us together all this time I hadn't realised that.
Maybe she was more open than I realised.
Maybe it meant that being in the kitchen, inwardly, we are very strongly connected.
Maybe by me telling the aunt about it I was telling the family that I understand now, like a realisation on the metaphysical level that I didn't have before.
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