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Originally Posted by lighthousekeeper View Post
Interesting. Very accurate, there was something between us at one point but it wasn't always a bit weird and uncertain, as you see with Neptune.

With horary - do you compare it with your natal chart at all? Interestingly Mars is in his natal AC sign and Venus is in mine.

We are on social media and everything but not exactly in contact. So yes if we were to communicate again at some stage, you are right, it would be him reaching out, I have no intention of getting in touch with him.

Does the sun in the 7th house have any significance, or because it's squared by Neptune does it just point to illusion around a relationship? Coupled with moon in 12th house anyway it does look a bit like psychic deception

So yeah, apart from possibly talking or whatever at some point, would you say this is a no answer?

Thanks xo
As for the question posed, as if you would be together properly in the future . Then yes its a No.

Im sure i wrote this in your reading...but moon in 12th is your self undoing and this is where the moon opposes mercury, so if you did get with him in the future, it not working out would be your own fault basically as you should have known from before that it would never work.

Sun would be the social network your both on, as sun rules his 3rd of communication, but there is no applying aspects between you and sun, to show any communication coming.
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