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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
Any opinions, ideas, experiences, book tips, knowledge...?
Decks based on Spanish playing cards as this

and similar ones are common in all former Spanish colonies.

These are the first decks we use when we learn the ropes, because they are the only decks around, and tarot can be very expensive to buy for teenagers.

If you want to learn the traditional way, then just don't learn from books.

There are established basic meanings for each one of the cards in the baraja and all of its derivations. Basic meanings are very simple: they were created in the 1800s by readers, most of whom were women with little or no formal education. These meanings are a springboard you can use to add your own layer of meaning.

Can they be found in books? In part. Mary Greer's The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals contains several traditional meanings she compiled from tarot booklets.

Some of the tarot booklets she consulted - as the ones published by a certain Docteur Marius - applied some of the meanings of the baraja to minor arcana. Other booklets were published in France, and give completely different meanings we don't use because they just don't work.

If anyone wants to learn how to use the baraja and similar decks, I can post the meanings of each one of the cards, and a couple basic spreads we use.
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