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LGAL Cosmos Tarot - Fool/Sagittarius

Image can be viewed at:

Image: A huge stone centaur rearing up with bow drawn, aiming at something upward and offscreen. Its torso and arms are fracturing with chips falling away, revealing red beneath the surface, and one hoof has fallen off completely. It is supported by a wide, somewhat trapezoidal column. Behind it are a large and small silvery orb, planets or moons. Two figures in matching red and silver spacesuits walk towards the centaur. In the distant background there are two trapezoidal columns, one on each side of the centaur.

Keywords: travel, culture, life philosophy, and adventure.

Element: Fire.

Visual analysis: There is a strong sense of bold energy and adventure, both from the archer’s pose and the astronauts venturing into space. The silvery blue colors give a futuristic vibe. My first thought is some kind of space colony where these columns and statue have been built, perhaps to represent moving boldly to new heights. But this symbol is falling apart – part of the past, already crumbling, and the two astronauts represent the true future. The time for symbol is past, now it is time for action.

My first impression was actually that space explorers were discovering monuments built by some ancient space civilization for the first time. The marble monuments and mythic symbolism combine oddly with the futuristic atmosphere – it feels almost outside of time. From this perspective, the remnants of the old civilization are chipping away, and the red underneath – linking to the red of the spacesuits – shows that something new is about to emerge.

The enormous moon in the background looms so close that it almost looks like it’s resting on the back of the centaur, and its weight is causing the fractures. Carrying the weight of the metaphorical world?

As Sagittarius: The handbook mentions the balance of human and animal in the centaur - reason and quest for knowledge versus wild wanderlust, and exploring outer space seems representative of both. The description mentions travel and exploring new cultures as fusing these two sides, which is also represented here: space travel and maybe discovering the civilization that created these monuments. It also mentions Sagittarius wrestling with “impossibly big concepts,” like the planets/moons representing the universe, and those seeming to physically weigh on the centaur—an obsession with grappling with these concepts?

The reversed meanings mention restlessness and oppression. There is the weight of the moon and the fact that something beneath the surface of the centaur seems to be breaking out, maybe struggling to free itself?

As the Fool: I definitely see the Fool here – bold ventures, exploration, new beginnings (starting again on a moon colony?). The archer looking up into the distance, the future. The astronauts leaving behind their old world for the endless potential of outer space. The recklessness could perhaps be represented by them walking casually toward a towering monument which is clearly in the process of collapsing – a danger.
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