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Originally Posted by Naminaro View Post
I pulled the 6 of swords and the hierophant.

I can't imagine much in the way of change, the six will probably have you flow through that time in a bit of a slough it won't be a bad thing, but I can't imagine it will be that great either. I also think the hierophant card is a card of conformity, though the card also represents a greater connection to your spirituality and your faith.

I'm having meetings with an old friend from my past, but I worry if it is a good or a bad thing that I am seeing him. What do the cards say will come from our meetings?
The Q of pents rx and the Hanged man Rx
Your mwetings will lead to moving on and closure. It will also help you to recognise what you DO want as you accept you don't have what you want.

Question. "Will I be friends with P again in future?'
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