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Sorry, don't know if everyone just adds to study threads as and when. Just joined a couple of weeks ago, and got Druidcraft a week ago. Drew the Princess reversed as daily card today, and have really enjoyed reading the thread, plus it really got me thinking more.

What's come through mainly to me is that a way through the confusions and changes she's experiencing would be to let the wind bring messages, from her ancestors or from her own more childlike qualities - to be spontaneous, practical and creative. Often by getting on with something practical and/or creative, inspirations can come through more easily. And maybe with the card being reversed in this instance, it's about her studying too much, or having been through a lot for someone her age (the tomb) and saying that it'll be a breath of fresh air if she relaxes and lets herself be her age and use the more childlike qualities as a way to relax and open up, rather than study overmuch. Although it could pay to maybe briefly check over any recent ideas she's had, but had forgotten about, and can now take steps to act on practically.

Feels an optimistic card too, as she's younger than the other princesses, so will bounce back fine, come up with something. Vibrant colours of her clothes and nature suggest a lot of energy and potential.

I was told once that important thresholds such as puberty can really hold the key to future activities ... that whatever you remember being really keen about or involved in at puberty can have a great bearing on things. E.g. my memory when asked about activities at puberty was about doing some artwork that I hadn't thought I had the ability to do at all, and remembering this as a very personal experience of hope and there being something more to life, some 'fairy dust' if you like ..... about 12 years later, having really carried that seed inside and yearned about it, art really did come through and took me on a whole new personal journey, as well as developing me spiritually and visually a lot, so that these qualities can carry on in a spiritual, if not always literally constant, sense. And whether e.g. a threshold activity always continues, or reappears later in life again and again, is something that will be spontaneous and natural, as the Princess of Pentacles is so aware of.

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