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Originally Posted by Brown sparrow View Post
The Q of pents rx and the Hanged man Rx
Your mwetings will lead to moving on and closure. It will also help you to recognise what you DO want as you accept you don't have what you want.

Question. "Will I be friends with P again in future?'
4 of swords - 7 of cups
This is either a time out, or a time out with licking of the wounds, for you and P at the moment I can see that you imagine (worst scenario ? V's best scenario ?) the kind of future you might have with P ....but without any solid effort on your part it's destined to remain in the realm of imagination only. Base was page of Coins ; if you want this you will need to work at it, unlike the cups in the seven it won't materialise in front of you.

QU: What can I expect from those at CC over the next 3 months ?
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