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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
6 of Swords - The Fool

In terms of a grade you have done enough to get yourself across to the other side (so pass) but the Fool makes me think you may be (blissfully) ignorant of some point that you haven't grasped or some pit fall you may have fallen into (how familiar are you with this material/topic ? Did you plan your *route* well enough ? ) Let me know later how wrong I am !
Fb: I got a distinction and the highest grade of any module so far. I haven't got the feedback tho so this could well be right, I do feel like I didn't grasp the material and kind of guessed my way through with some bold assertions that he obviously agreed with.

Originally Posted by samantha View Post
4 of swords - 7 of cups
This is either a time out, or a time out with licking of the wounds, for you and P at the moment I can see that you imagine (worst scenario ? V's best scenario ?) the kind of future you might have with P ....but without any solid effort on your part it's destined to remain in the realm of imagination only. Base was page of Coins ; if you want this you will need to work at it, unlike the cups in the seven it won't materialise in front of you.

QU: What can I expect from those at CC over the next 3 months ?
7 of wands / 4 of cups

I don't think there will be a lot of progress over the next 3 months with CC, if this is what you're hoping for. I feel there will be a rush of energy, communication will be good, there'll be passion in the relationship (whatever it is, romantic, friendly, whatever) and you'll start to build hope, but then they will kind of rest on their laurels a bit and you'll be kind of left frustrated, wanting more. But there won't be an ending or anything like that I don't think.

What are the current energies between me and K just now?
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