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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Where I live we have insect repellent to keep from being bitten. When I invent "Tarot Repellent," you'll find it on Etsy. "Bitten" may be putting too gentle a face on it. If tarot were a cow, I would be its cud: well-chewed.
You are so hilarious, Barleywine! lol Also very wise! I think you definitely have described perfectly what I happened to me!! Definitely a cow's cud. lol
Unfortunately, I don't think there is a cure. lol I will be looking for your "Tarot Repellent" on Etsy though! lol

I do have to say that I have come across some Tarot Decks that definitely repelled me. Maybe that is the only cure? The Parrott Tarot still makes me get shivers. LOL Though when I pull up that deck here.. all I see are good cards. The deck I received was ACTUALLY a deck of nothing but Parrots. The Parrott Tarot that I received in a trade was ... just... no. It was not the one made in 2003 but one after I joined in 2009-2011 ?

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