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LGAL Cosmos Tarot - Magician/Aries

Image: A person with large ram horns, a fleecy white vest, two reddish dart-shaped tattoos, and some kind of pouch on his hip is crouching on the branch of a cherry blossom tree (I think), hands ready to catch a small lamb thatís approaching him from a higher branch. Two birds are perched on the horns. The tree is covered with colorful pink flowers around these figures, but a couple other birds are perched on higher branches which look completely barren. It even looks like itís snowing up there. In the background below, there is green grass spotted with sunlight, fallen blooms, and the trunks of other trees Ė it looks like an orchard.

Keywords: Leadership, impulse, the first, opportunity.

Element: Fire.

Visual analysis: I first thought the person was the main character here, representing Aries, being courageous and bold and climbing up a tree to rescue something. But what on earth is a tiny lamb doing in a high tree branch? Thereís something strange and magical about that. My attention is also drawn to the pattern of blooming on the tree, like the Magician is bringing the tree to life despite the wintery atmosphere above. Itís also interesting that no treetops are visible above the branch the person sits on Ė this could be due to surrounding trees being particularly short or downhill, but it looks like a different place above, like a portal into a different season (especially as thereís no snow on the ground and the grass seems green and vibrant). These figures are sitting between the seasons then, or even able to move between them with ease. There is a balance of elements, then, as well as the literal balance required in climbing those branches. And the lamb, born on the cusp of winter and spring, is visually entering spring.

For some reason I had it in my head that rams were a kind of mountain goat. But they are male sheep, so this lamb could be a ram when it grows up. So this really seems to be a scene of transition, from winter to spring and from lamb to ram. I suspect the true energy of this Magician, then, is in Spring, and forces of creation, growth, wonder, manifestation. The pouch on the belt makes me think of being prepared, of being able to plan ahead and bring needed resources with you, so there is some maturity here as well. And of course there is an aspect of compassion or lending a helping hand.

Not sure what the tattoos are about - they seem significant but I can't place the symbolism.

Reversed, it looks more like winter is creeping up, so maybe dormancy is in play, or feeling stuck and unable to make your efforts bloom.

As Aries: I see the daring, spontaneous, and spirited descriptors in both figures. But a lot of these keywords Ė leadership and opportunity especially Ė I donít feel here as strongly. But I do see the passion of a fire sign.

As the Magician: The Spring energy I mentioned above feels very appropriate to me. Skill is shown through that little lamb successfully navigating the branches. There isnít the same level of showmanship, but there is the Magicianís magnetism Ė birds are flocking to the ram, blooms are perhaps coaxed out of dormancy, the enterprising lamb willingly approaches him. The traditional white and red symbolism are in play as well, with the white fleece and red tattoos and bandanna. And, technically, with the pink blooms being the midpoint between these colors.
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