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Oh, I'm glad you pointed out it's a magnolia! I just did a bit of research, and apparently magnolias were one of the first flowering plants to evolve, bringing it back to that keyword "the first" - and fossils of magnolias 100 million years old are still recognizable as magnolias, which is very cool. So there is some stability and tradition supporting this fiery character.

The femininity you pointed out is definitely an important element here. The Magician is always one of my favorite cards in theory, but in practice there is so often a masculine rigidity about it, and here it is balanced out. It is definitely a beautiful and unique card.

Originally Posted by Penthasilia View Post
Opportunity- the opportunity for growth that occurs when you are open to the possibility of change. Spring is a big season for change- and so that piece also plays into the general theme.
I really like this. I had been thinking about opportunity in a more material sense when I tried to apply it to this card, or in the sense of action or being opportunistic, but this interpretation sounds much more appropriate for this image.
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