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You - Sun
Tinderguy Sj - Saturn

Sun and Saturn are applying to oppose with each other, this is not good for any sort of re-union as this aspect breaks things apart more than brings them together.

Your posited in your 11th house and he's posited in his 11th house, this shows the online communication you had with each other. As you are both only in your own 11th, this would show that the communication would be staying at this only.

The Asc is conjunct Asteroid Vesta which would be about being in denial about things.

SN is in the 7th (-)

Moon is detrimental and flows towards SN (-)

Moon flows away from Saturn and the moon is waning towards the sun (yourself) which in turn won't be bringing anything positive. (-)

Moons next conjunction is with Neptune, so whatever you and him had at the time it seems that this is it, there was something there like you say, but its just not there anymore. Neptune can make you think that there's more to something than there actually is...its only when that veils been removed that you realize you were wrong.

So this time its a No, nothing will be happening between you both in the future.

Also can i just add how important it is to get the question very clear, as you adding the fact of him being someone you met on tinder and giving an outline of the situation has then made this next chart totally different and more clearer in showing what will happen.
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