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You - Venus

Potential other - mars

Venus (yourself) has already separated from mars and mars is now flowing away from you in an angular house, leaving you in debilitation in the 8th. So it looks like there has been someone around you recently where things have not ended on good terms, and this is causing you to feel quite down and anxious about things at present.

SN is in your 5th house of romance (-)

Potential other is not in good shape being posited in its signs fall. (-)

In the 4th house we have moon that's now flowing away from Pluto, so it looks to me like there has recently been quite a painful situation that you've found yourself in to do with someone, where you've probably felt quite upset and in turmoil from how things have become.

Mars will soon be applying to the MC, so i'm seeing that things will be coming to ahead rather soon in regards to this matter.

Mars does also trine neptune in mars's 12th so things are very confusing and up in the air at present.

So it looks like you have some issues to tend with to do with something that's either playing itself out now, or is to come. I did ask for this year but this is all im getting, so maybe you just need some time alone this year.
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