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Originally Posted by Good.juju View Post
I'm still pretty new to tarot (under a year) and I have passion for it now. I'd love to learn and grow my understanding as well as intuition. I'd love to hear what everyone's favorite classes, books, and any other resources may be.
You're here at THE BEST tarot resource! Aeclectic Tarot. This site has everything you need or can even think of. And, if there is anything missing, just get in touch with the mods or Solandia to see if you can add that. Though I cannot imagine that there IS anything missing.

Now, that said, I will say that there is one book that I feel is also the absolute MUST in every tarot library, especially if you want to develop your intuition while reading tarot. That book is titled "Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards" by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard.

This book is GREAT in helping you to develop your abilities, easily with wonderful ideas and exercises in it. And! it is very reasonably priced! A win/win along with this lovely purple world right here!
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