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High Priestess- intuitive thoughts...

The storm brews- you can see it is not a natural storm. There is a very lunar quality to this HP- in the aspect of the darkness that can hold with lunacy.

The water is murky, the clouds covering the little light that the full moon would have provided- even the stars do not shine through. Lightning spiders down over a flattened mountain and into the water- everything about this card screams "Do not enter!". The sick pink sky that can occur before a hurricane is about to hit- or a rapid sinking hole to pull you into a twisted underworld.

Misdirection and obscurity are keywords you can definitely see coming to play in this murky background. I get a sense of Odysseus- and a ship that has become hopelessly lost. It is almost as if fate is pulling you in- even if you don't want to go. Manipulation- I see that now- those choppy waves and deadened waters will suck you in once you go off course.

There is also magic here- the purple hues of the water and the landscape behind the mountain. Perhaps that is why some travelers would dare to go- there are secrets here that can be revealed- but always at a cost. This is not a hero's quest- this is a dark one, should you want this knowledge- you pay a price, it is not a good one.

Reversed the scenery is just as maligned- perhaps even more so. How do you go from bad to worse? This card does it brilliantly, deviantly, majestically. I get a strong sense of sorcery in the reversal- the one who conquered the task and has been altered in a deep character sense by the gain. Manipulation- deception- almost evil, except that it doesn't care if it hurts or helps- as long as it is gain. The water is more putrid when reversed- the clouds almost seem like a blessing here. Perhaps it is the lightning trying to part through the dank stench of the water and the moon and clouds working to reveal the rot that lies beneath.

Sunken ships, bloated corpses with eerie smiles and sightless eyes, hidden sinister laughter. Arcane knowledge, oaths and bloody promises- all this lies beneath in this watery grave filled with slime covered gold and dark temptation.
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