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@theFeeLion and BodhiSeed - you lucky devils to have whole rooms as space for Altar and meditation! How wonderful - it would be my dream to have space for such a room - with a quarter Altar in each corner (the corners in my present house line up with the cardinal points) - and then - my meditation/ritual room would probably look similar to yours BodhiSeed.

For clients - a quiet room with obvious "spiritual" corners would have a wonderful calming and centering impact when they walk in - even before you begin the treatment. (keep the clutter minimal as Celticnoodle suggests).
In essence - you will have created a magickal/sacred healing space for them to lie in.

The only 'con' to having your therapy room also be your meditation room - is the idea that residual energy from your clients worlds of drama, and your personal meditative world -
may cross over... or from another perspective - how well can you separate yourself/your mind from this idea? - if it is indeed one you have at all.
It may not be an issue. Or like me - you may enjoy a plethora of "energy clearing" ritual
to "smooth away" such creases in the aether here.
I have rattles and tibetan bowls in my room. And some large chunks of crystal in the corners. Plus I use room sprays (incense and smudging less often - smudging smells like weed - and I'm extremely snobby about incense).

I sometimes meditate in my therapy room at night (the walls are soft pistachio green, the washable carpet is dark green. The linen is blue couch covers and face towels, purple body towels ) - it's alot more peaceful than any other space in the house (devoid of clutter, washing, work books - only towels and therapy tools/books neatly stacked on the back wall in there) - and wildly unlikely that my partner will barge in because it's unofficially "offlimits" for him.
(He tends to barge in everywhere else - except the bathroom which I can lock).
Only thing is - when I do that - my cat insists on joining me. And she's really not allowed in there. (y'know - cat fluff and allergies etc. for clients).
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