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Originally Posted by Eadwine View Post
Thank you for your sweet reply!

Well that trip went ENTIRELY different than I had thought!

The store had prices listed online for their items, got there, and it's almost double. Lots of making excuses and "but we're working on a new site" and blahblah, end result is that I left the store without buying anything.

New chances tomorrow when I am visiting a few stores with a friend, I think I'll have more luck then!

Oh I DID order me something online that I found in the library: The Tarot Bible - Sarah Bartlett
Aww..I am so sorry love!! {{BIG HUGS}} I've had that happen before and it is so disappointing. I think that is why I decided to get an Amazon Prime Membership. lol Our local New Age Shop closed about 15 years ago lol when the lady moved to Florida. There have been attempts to open up New Age Stores around here with mixed reviews. One was in the super rich side of town and had prices to match. They are out of business. We had another one that never advertised except for the "Going out of Business Sale". That would have been nice to know we had one before then. lol The other one was here for almost 20 years but the owners retired and didn't want to keep doing it. So, I use Magickal Cat online or Amazon.

I am glad that you did find the Tarot Bible and I hope that you have better luck when you go with your friend! Make sure to update us and share what goodies that you bought!

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